Flight Crew Homes (FCH) was founded by Beacon Relocation to bring a better real estate experience to the aviation community and professionals. FCH is comprised of thousands of real estate experts with decades of experience, Professional Pilots, and Air Traffic Controllers. This combination and insight is what allows FCH to understand the process and need to have a better system in place that understands the aviation industry, and its needs to the users of the system. We understand the aviation and airline industry is very dynamic and its flight crews need and require a hands-on, professional, and knowledgeable real estate team at their fingertips they can trust. Not only that but to have one company to count on anywhere in the United States for all your real estate needs.

Flight Crew Homes is a Real Estate group trusted by Airline Industry Professionals Nationwide. FCH programs and services are unique and geared towards the needs of all flight crew, aviation industry employees, friends, and their families (collectively referred to as FCH Members). FCH provides coordinated management of a member’s buying, selling, and moving-related activities by combining all the major components of a real estate event into a single, integrated effort.

FCH takes great pride in providing its clients with exceptional service and advice to make their real estate experience satisfying while reducing stress on the member and their family. We take the time to understand our member’s needs, we are available, and we communicate. We manage the transition process to reduce stress on the member and allow them the freedom to focus on activities outside the relocation process.